Corrugator Anchor

The Corrugator™ is a surface mounted stainless steel roof anchor to suit Lysaght Custom Orb® corrugated iron roof sheeting with a minimum base metal thickness (BMT) of 0.42mm. The anchor installs with a cordless drill in as little as two minutes.
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The Corrugator™ requires no additional flashing kit and is manufactured from Stainless Steel. The patented design allows for easy retro-fitting and the Corrugator™ can be supplied powdercoated to Colorbond colours matching the roof sheeting for a more inconspicuous and integrated application.

The roof sheeting for the Corrugator™ must continually span a minimum three battens providing height safety in fall arrest and fall restraint applications and the anchor is rated to 15kN for single person use complying with Australian Standard AS1891.4

The Corrugator™ is limited to a 180 degree use, that is you must only work below it and on the same roof plane that it is fixed upon. Please refer to the Corrugator360TM for alternative 360 degree access requirements.


  • Complies with AS 1891.4
  • 14 Ga. 304 Stainless Steel
  • 15kN - Rated for single person Fall Arrest
  • Fits Lysaghts Custom Orb® roof sheeting
  • Patented design allows for easy retro fitting
  • Installation is easy with surface mounted installation
  • EPDM separation/flashing kit
  • Can be powdercoated to all Colorbond colours
  • Includes Instruction Manual/Tech Data Sheet


Installation diagram:

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Technical Data Sheet:

Installer’s Certificate Download:

Corrugator Roof Anchor Anchor Installation Certificate Download