Tile Ladder Bracket

Tile Ladder Bracket:

The Tile Ladder Bracket is a concealed stainless steel bracket for application to the top of a rafter or top chord of a truss providing lateral restraint when alighting from the ladder or a roof plane.

The ladder bracket installs with a cordless drill in as little as five minutes. 

TLB LadderThe Tile ladder Bracket is not to be utilised by more than one person at any time nor should it be used or modified for use as a fall arrest/restraint device. The Tile Ladder Bracket requires no additional flashing kit and is manufactured from Stainless Steel.

The design allows for easy retro-fitting and the Tile Ladder Bracket can be supplied powdercoated to Colorbond colours matching the gutters for a more inconspicuous and integrated application. 


  • 14 Ga. 304 Stainless Steel
  • Patented design allows for easy fitting
  • Installation is easy with a concealed application
  • EPDM separation/flashing kit
  • Can be powdercoated to all Colorbond colours


The Tile Ladder bracket is installed under the first course of tiles by fixing the brackets atop of two adjacent rafters/top chords. As the centres of rafters and trusses are variable in their spacings, the horizontal bar/ladder rest is a a 25mm square hollow section and telescopic. This allows the easy bridging of between the rafters.