Spandek Ladder Bracket

SD09TM - Spandek® Ladder Bracket:

The Spandek® SD09 TM Ladder Bracket is a surface mounted stainless steel bracket to suit Lysaght Spandek® trapezoidal ribbed roof sheeting with a minimum base metal thickness (BMT) of 0.42mm providing lateral restraint when alighting from the ladder or a roof plane.

The ladder bracket installs with a cordless drill in as little as five minutes.

The Spandek® SD09 TM Ladder Bracket requires no additional flashing kit and is manufactured from Stainless Steel. The patented design allows for easy retro-fitting and the Spandek® SD09 TM Ladder Bracket can be supplied powdercoated to Colorbond colours matching the roof sheeting for a more inconspicuous and integrated application.

The Spandek® SD09 TM Ladder Bracket is not to be utilised by more than one person at any time nor should it be used or modified for use as a fall arrest/restraint device.

SDLB SD09 Ladder smallSpecifications:

  • 14 Ga. 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fits Lysaghts Spandek®roof sheeting
  • Patented design allows for easy fitting
  • Installation is easy with the surface mounted application
  • EPDM separation/flashing kit
  • Can be powdercoated to all Colorbond colours
  • Includes Instruction Manual/Tech Data Sheet