Australian Standard AS1891 Part 4 is the ruling Standard for the requirements and recommendations for the selection, safe use and maintenance of fall arrest systems and devices based on the use of safety harnesses, horizontal life lines and rail, fall arrest devices, and associated lanyards, connectors, anchorages and associated fittings.

The scope AS1891.4 is addressed as follows:

(a) Selection: Requirements and recommendations for determining the types of components of the system that would be appropriate to the envisaged usage.

(b) Safe use: Requirements and recommendations relating to the safe practices to be followed in the use of components and assemblies.

(c) Maintenance: Requirements and recommendations for inspection, storage, servicing and cleaning practices.


The objective and principles of AS1891.4 are based on the following:

(a) Any person at risk of a potentially injury producing fall shall be secured by equipment that is rated for fall arrest

(b) A person suffering a fall when secured by a fall-arrest system shall—

(i) be subjected to an arresting force not exceeding 6 kN;

(ii) be wearing equipment that distributes fall-arrest forces over the body in a way that will minimise the possibility of injury;

(iii) be connected to a system which avoids the user reaching ground or striking any other obstacle that will cause injury, and maintains the user in a suitable post fall-arrest attitude for rescue purposes;

(iv) be wearing a harness with at least a front fall-arrest rated attachment point, which may assist in rescue and which is designed to avoid or reduce the likelihood of suspension intolerance (trauma).